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I can't unsubscribe from your mailing list

You never reply to me

The link sent won't click

Where and what are the symbols for the free Reiki mini course

My order has not arrived yet

How do I become an affiliate?



Q: I can't unsubscribe from your mailing list

A: To unsubscribe from our mailing list, there is a link at the bottom of every email we send out, all you do is just click on it and you will be automatically removed.

If the unsubscribe link is not working, you can either reply to the email with 'Unsubscribe Me' in the subject line, or contact us at our Helpdesk

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Q: You never reply to me

A: Yes, we appreciate how frustrating this must be, but let us assure you, we definitely reply to everyone who uses our helpdesk...

...but what sometimes happens is our replies just do not get through to you - and we never find this out until you send us another message shouting at us for not replying to you :-)

Now, as you can imagine, this then becomes as frustrating for us as it does for you - but here's what we do to get our replies out to you. We initiate our 'Difficult to Contact Routine'.

First we try again from our helpdesk, then we try from our personal email addresses, then we try from our Hotmail addresses and if all this fails we ask one of our Chikara Reiki Do Masters to try contacting you on our behalf. If that doesn't work we're at a loss - but it's never for the want of trying, and it doesn't happen very often.

We always try to reply to you within 24 hours and at the latest within 48 hours too (Except at the weekends) - so please, if you feel we're not getting back to you, check your spam or bulk folder first, then whitelist our address and finally use the helpdesk again.

We'll immediately begin our 'Difficult to Contact Routine' and, hopefully, you'll get your reply :-)

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Q: The link sent won't click

A: Have you tried to copy and paste it into your browser?

Or you could try holding down your 'control' key and then clicking.

This overides your security/privacy settings.

Or you might need to update your browser.

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Q: Where and what are the symbols for the free Reiki mini course

A: The mini course does work best as an add on to our...

Professional or Personal Reiki Package or if you already know some Reiki.

Our Professional or Personal Reiki Packages are complete Reiki course including our unique self attunement process.

(Available from our site... )

In the meantime, just rub your hands together, as if they are cold, to generate some chi and place them where suggested in the course.

This will give you a tangible result.

For the letter, just hold it for a few moments after rubbing your hands together.

Here are the 7 links to the mini course parts for your convenience.

1. Security And Safety

2. Pleasure, Fun And Creativity

3. Giving And Receiving

4. Love And Relationships

5. Communication And Expression

6. Intuition And Knowing

7. Inner Connection

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Q: My order has not arrived yet

A: All our products are digital...nothing comes in the post, as it clearly states on our site.

Here's the link to login to all our Packages:

Login Page

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Q: How do I become an affiliate

A: Here is the link to our affiliate center...

It contains all you need to know to get started.

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